A modern and comfortable working environment for everyone

grüne maja is a place where your business feels at home and work is fun! The work environment will be designed according to your wishes. We have already carefully considered the technological solutions of the building to help you keep the utility costs of the office in check.

Class A office building

Let's create a better future together - we've designed grüne maja so that its ecological footprint is as small as possible:

  • Smart solutions in automation reduce people's energy consumption
  • Well-thought out architectural solutions reduce passive energy use
  • We utilize renewable energy sources

A green corridor is close by

grüne maja is located on the border of Haabersti and Mustame districts, between the Tallinn Zoo green corridor and the Kõrgepinge street multi-purpose path. This provides an excellent opportunity to take relaxing walks in nature during breaks, also allows you to leave the car at home and commute to work by bicycle or public transport.

All within walking

The location of grüne maja is truly unique– close to nature, but at the heart of city life:

  • Kadaka Selver & other stores - 400m
  • Õismäe Leisure Center
    (training courses, library, swimming pool, gym, etc.) - 400m
  • Bus stops - 400m
  • Café Lyon - 250m